JingOS ARM V1.1 Release Notes (For JingPad A1)

JingOS ARM V1.1 Release Notes (For JingPad A1)

General Improvements

  • Charging speed optimised
  • Power consumption optimised
  • The speed of waking up the device optimised
  • Experience with the Touch Pad on K1 Keyboard improved
  • Fixed WIFI connection failure when playing videos in browsers
  • Fixed occasional blur screen issues
  • Fixed the occasional failure to reboot the device
  • Fixed audio output issues when using Bluetooth devices

Software Improvements

  • [Settings] Bringing a smoother experience
  • [Task Management] Solving display errors when using Touch Pad on K1 Keyboard and JingPad Pencil spontaneously.
  • [Terminal] Enabling users to save customised configurations
  • [File Manager] Adding process indicators
  • [Jing Store] Optimising loading speed

Existing Issues

  • Occasional error of power indicator in setting. Rebooting the device can solve the problem.
  • Audio stuttering when connecting with Bluetooth 4.2 devices
  • Unable to connect AP with WPA2/WPA3 protocol

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