JingOS ARM V1.2 Release Notes (For JingPad A1)

JingOS ARM V1.2 Release Notes (For JingPad A1)

General Improvements

  1. Support screen rotation
  2. Support biometrics unlock using fingerprint
  3. Support multiple methods to install and uninstall apps
  4. Support installing and starting apps by using terminal
  5. Support 4G/5G mobile network (Only in Mainland China)
  6. Support Wifi hotspot
  7. Optimise power management
  8. Improve the speed of launching App Store

Known Issues

  1. A manual reboot by holding the power button is needed after OTA update
  2. Sogou Input is not supported for screen rotation

JingPad A1 Android App Support V1.0.5 Release Note

  1. Support multi-window functionality
  2. Support audio and video
  3. Support install and uninstall apps
  4. Support IPv6

Known Issues

  1. Black screen after reboot
  2. Always show earphone indicator

Download JingOS ARM V1.2

md5sum: f6c182b1393eb20eca064bf78ce1569b

sha256sum: 8716001a57d8b487cc5d6490f5490ecd352484bf17189559b45622c85864a1ed


Great works, thanks !

I just switch to android yesterday night… :woozy_face:

Cant download, link invalid
please provide a mirror

Hi @DR34D
please use my personal storage:

Have a nice day.


Thank you for your help

dear jing os team, i have installed 1.2 but no screen rotation and sound is not working with android. do i hve to do anything else?
fingerprint sensor is working :wink: