JingOS Desktop - Revolutionize home screen, for productivity

What about creating a homescreen workdesk for jingos, that functions like museapp.


Not as a separate app, but as the home screen itself.
This work desk, could then be synched with other devices, like a notebook or linux phone.
Maybe it would make sense to have an app as an alternative to the native home screen so that you can use it on other devices.

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I really like this idea! Kind of reminds me of scenes in movies like Iron Man or Minority Report where they can quickly grab information and manipulate it, like having papers and tools on a desk. I would think it would be great to have ways to quickly grab information, like screenshots, links, photos, etc, from the internet and put it onto the homescreen. Then, the user would have tools right there with them to use to manipulate this media. I’d expect a pen, maybe a scissors tool that works kinda like a lasso tool to slice and cut out chunks of pictures and text. Maybe a sticky note tool to add sticky notes to write on? Being able to add connections between objects would also be important, so maybe a ‘string’ tool could be nice to have. This tool would be used to attach one object to another, like string on a board.

This idea has so much potential, there’s a lot to discuss here.

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