JingOS Desktop - Suggestion about Home, App drawer, etc

Hi evrybody,
I have some proposal about JingOS Desktop.
I think JingLing have to implement:

  • Folders of Apps
  • Options when you tap on an App icon (Select, Remove, Disable…)
  • Double tap to swich off the screen
  • Order by: alphabetical order, Typology of Apps, etc…
  • Option to manage apps between “Apps on Desktop” (Current approach, similar tu iOS) and “App Drawer” (Android Style)

Please, if you have any suggestion write a comment in this topic!

Some example taken on my phone:




I am waiting for multiple window mode, having something beautiful as enlightement would be great but i fear we are stuck with kde here…

as far as I am concerned i hardly use anything besides console (tilix would be nice here ) or a web browser (also because the lack of opengl support the other apps i use need)…

Multiple windows is critical. If nothing else, at least 2 or 3 way split option. If you want to stand out in a very linuxy way, give us a tiling engine. A great example to take inspiration from would be the material shell extension for gnome, which is fairly touch friendly as it is now.

Expose the full KDE settings panel (in an expert mode if you’re concerned about first timers soft-bricking).

The system inherently handles multitasking well, and you have a welcome application dock, but its unconfigurable, and isn’t even accessible without dismissing the current app. Swipe once up to pull up the dock, twice to desktop, or use the single finger swipe for the dock and mirror the 3 finger swipes like they’re done on the pad.

currently there’s an obscure 3 finger swipe to screenshot, which is great, but its inconsistent. Maybe use 4 or 5 fingers for that feature. Even better, give us a gesture configuration control panel.

Some of the home baked apps need some love, calendar for example is currently completely standalone and of limited use.

Hardware gpu acceleration in wayland apps please, im sure this is non-trivial, I hope this can be fixed.

Pen buttons are not recognized in apps that seem to recognize the extended input devices. Also could use a CPL to tweak the pen curves and customize the buttons.

The notification system is a nice to have, but is very non functional. Tapping a notification should at least bring the application that sent it to the foreground. You should also consider grouping notifications.

A distinction between a tablet and desktop mode would be a nice value add. You can detect when the keyboard is attached. When this is the case, leave the dock up, and change all running apps into windowed mode with borders. When the keyboard is detached, switch back to full screen mode and hide the dock by default.

Options toggles for all of this would be very nice and in the spirit of having a linux tablet. I think many people associate “linux tablet” with “customize it the way you want it” and less with “rigid and inflexible apple ios clone”.

Android compatibility:
Android container system alpha works pretty well. It needs to support multiple windows so it gives more of a native feel (like waydroid and anbox). Currently if i want to use multiple android apps, I have to keep launching them from the desktop to get the android container view to change, and there are glitches that occur if you close an app with jingpad gesture. This is compounded when combine with the issue below about desktop icons. You need to add a back gesture or enable system gestures within android apps, currently back only works through keyboard shortcut with the physical keyboard attached (as far as I’ve seen myself so far). Apps installed inside the container do not trigger new desktop shortcuts, which is a non starter for less technical users. I don’t think its reasonable or safe to expect less technical users to only source APKs directly, vs using a generally trusted store like f-droid. Its fine if you want to provide a curated set of applications, but no one is going to want an apple styled walled garden on their shiny new linux tablet.

Not an exhaustive list, but some of the immediate gaps i’ve noticed. Also, please release a jingOS restorable PAC file. Very pleased overall with the initial release. While i’ve worked around quite a few things, the software could use some fundamental additions and some polish. You have a great foundation here and with a little time and work, i believe it will attract a lot of attention.


Good advice !