JingOS Feature Request: Focus Mode

Hi everybody, I’ve been looking at JingOS and the JingPad, and I’m really impressed. The design and concept is great, and I love how it could bring two different devices into one. One issue with this that I have personally is focus. When I need to do one thing, and only one thing, I often get distracted, and that can be annoying. There’s also times when I only want to focus on the bare essentials with my devices, like when I want to write things down and nothing else. Of course, there’s regular notepads, but I like having everything in one place, and it’s great to have everything organized digitally. I want a way to be able to write things down in some kind of journal with no access to anything else until I need it.

Here’s my suggestion:
Make a ‘Focus Mode’. In this mode, you are locked out of everything except bare essentials like a notepad (one that supports typing and writing with a pen), a clock, an ebook reader (with the ability to get new ones disabled while inside this mode), and not much else. It should be designed to be hard to break out of if you’re trying to evade it, so I think it should require something like a strong passcode or a fingerprint of someone else so that you don’t get out of it when you shouldn’t. It should have a timed setting for when you just need a quick break from what you’re doing, so you can relax a bit. When you’re in focus mode, I think it would be nice for the system to be in a dark mode, so that it’s easy on the eyes. You should also be able to set an alarm, and maybe you could set Focus mode to turn off automatically in the morning, like when your alarm goes off.

I came up with this idea because I tend to get distracted by my phone at night, and like most people, it keeps me awake. I want a mode where I can take a break to cool off when I need to disconnect. I see this as similar to Zen Mode on Oneplus phones or Focuses on iOS 15. I envision it as close to a Kindle or a reMarkable tablet, where it’s less distracting for when you need to focus, but with the ability to still be productive if you need it.