JingOS File Manager - Features request

Hi everybody,
I want to mention some request about native JingOS File Manager, the following one:

My requests are:

  • Introduce a ratio button to enable the view of “hidden files”
  • Enable scp/samba network access (suggested by @bboett )
  • Enable right click using the touchscreen from JingPad A1
  • Enable ROOT access
  • Enable browse of protected folders via ROOT access
  • Enable a second panel with Drag&Drop gestures (suggested by @pierreantoine-cheron)
  • Address bar (see here, to type the filepath or copy/paste a filepath, suggested by @Harald )
  • Additional categories (see here, suggested by @Harald )
  • Nextcloud sync (suggested by @Bmarkman Harald )
  • Samba Client (suggested by @jingpaduser )

Please help me to find other features request…


hidden files, definitely a must.
But for me scp/smb network access is more important atm!
didn’t find where to change the defaault editor BTW either

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Complete replacement with something that allow root access, access to hidden files, root access to system files.

Complete replacement with something Linux users are used to, not iphone users.


If you don’t want to use this one, please feel free to install another one.
This is the only file manager that I know that is optimized for tablets

I would like to have the possibility to enable a second panel,and I agree, Root access is very important

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do you mean something like the following one?

Hey Maxximo, hello everyone,

first of all thank you for bringing up this topic! Funnily enough I was thinking about making a post on the subject a few days ago now I found yours, perfect!

So I really like the File Manager its really snappy the scale is correct and the tagging feature is great, overall great job to the Jing Team!!

For me the most important things are:

  • address bar (because I really like to type the filepath or copy/paste a filepath, I am super used to do so from any desktop environment)
  • root access (Should be a must have we need to have full control here)
  • additional categories (Some more categories on the left side)

About a second panel I absolutely see the benefit but I guess we need to take care because the space is quite tight and we need to keep in mind it should still work with touch!!

Attached I created a quick mockup how the File Manager could look like.

[Right panel: Address bar, forward and backward arrow, up arrow, refresh arrow, added show hidden folders icon; Left Panel: quick access category (maybe we call it “bookmarks” instead to leave windows syntax), devices category, network category]

That is of course only my personal point of view let me know how you like it and feel free to give any feedback so I can do some more mockups if requested :slightly_smiling_face:


Mockup vs current state comparision:

One thing to mention it would be really great to enhance the native file manager because its already in a good shape and I really enjoy using as much natives apps as possible (especially for the standard ones).

Keep up the great work Jing Team + community!!


Nextcloud sync

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Dolphin works nice after you scale it properly.

New company, new software, new desktop environment…maybe they can design something useable.

I really appreciate your contribute @Harald !

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SAMBA client plz :slight_smile:

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yes, exactly

@Glockdoc how do you scale dolphin? The text for me is so small it is unreadable (but I am old!!).

See what I mean!!

@xircon you are offtopic. Please open a new topic about your request!!Thanks

Read the scaling guide by Massmo.

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I work for the main window but not in the secondary like the settings window, at least in my case.