JingOS - Installation Process & First look [Feedback request]

Hi all,
with this topic I would like to share screenshot about installation process and the first look ad JingOS.

Tips: if you have Windows 10 installed, remember to disable Fast Boot in order to easily install JingOS, see How to disable Fast Startup (Fast Boot) on Windows OS devices to dual boot JingOS.

First of all, in the First boot of JingOS a lockscreen will appear, remember the default PIN is 123456:

The welcome screen is the second step:

The system will ask you an Internet connection, in my example I used a VM so wired connection is the only option available:

User must read and accept terms:

The first boot of JingOS ends:

So, I decided to start installation process selecting the app shortcut on desktop:

First of all you have to select your language (I selected English cause italian is not so common here… :rofl: )

Select the right keyboard, various imput method are available:

And now the user has to decide how to proceed:

You can decide to manual partitioning it:

So installation starts:

After some minutes, you can conclude the installation process:

After the reboot, the GRUB allow you to select JingOS:
13 Grub

Again, another wizard appear:

User have to define password:

Select again the connection method:

Finally, the user concluded the installation process and first boot:

After installation, users could open setting:

I discovered also the Plasma setting tool:

Control center:

Notification center:

So, what do you think about the JingOS work in progress development?
Do you have any suggestion about it?
Have a nice day!

List of feedback received:
@Urnyx05 suggest to increse padding arount the text “Notification Center” and change Battery Icon.


If you want a suggestion, increase the padding around the text “Notification Center” and change the battery icon.

Thanks, I added your feedback at the bottom of the topic!