JingOS on JingPad A1 - Just some questions about the operating system and apps

Looking forward to receiving my JingPad :smiley: But some quick questions:

  • Which display server is being used?

  • Can another desktop environment be installed? (Gnome/KDE etc).

  • Which Desktop manager?

  • Will it be possible to install other distros?


Hey xicon
Thanks for your questions! Can’t wait for you to get your JingPad either! As for your questions, I will give you a brief idea.
1. Which display server is being used?
We use Wayland as our display server
2. Can another desktop envrionment be installed?
JingPad A1 is based on ARM, so you have to check if other DEs support ARM or not.
However, we will open-source the code of JingOS for JingPad. If you wish, you could port other DEs to JingPad A1.
3. Which Desktop manager?
For desktop manager, we use kwin.
4. Will it be possible to install other distros?
We will provide an official Android ROM before mass shipping. Meanwhile, we will also provide help to the community port other distros, like Sailfish and Ubuntu Touch.

Thank you for the very detailed reply, I have never used ARM or Ubuntu, but am a long time linux user :smiley: (since 1995/6 so long ago I cannot remember!!).

I will try to find the Ubuntu ARM repo to look through what is available.

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