JingOS on Lenovo MIIX 320

I get a black screen after checking files on USB media. I used to try this OS on Lenovo MIIX 320 laptop/tablet.

Please help

Since JingOS is Ubuntu based, so maybe you can check this: lenovo - How to install Ubuntu on miix 320 - Ask Ubuntu

Ubuntu and Pop_OS works fine (without any changes). What version of Ubuntu is JingOS based on?
When I choose “JingOS(OEM mode + safe graphics)” I come a step further. The its blinking between my mouse pointer on the screen and this text on the picture.

JingOS is based on Ubuntu 20.04. We don’t have Miix 320, so maybe you can join the telegram group asking help from other users?

Please support for lenovo Miix320. Blank screen after md5 checksum.

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