JingOS on ThinkPad X1 Yoga (Gen3) 兼容性报告 Compatibility Report

First are Good Things:

  • Touch screen (with gestures), Touchpad (with gestures), and TrackPoint works perfectly
  • Brightness can be tuned
  • Stylus Pen works perfectly (even much better than the libinput script I wrote for my previous Archlinux+KDE)
  • Sound works perfectly
  • All interface (thunderbolt 3, USB, HDMI etc) works

I have to say the compatibility really impressed me.

Compatibility Problems

  • Two buttons of the stylus (ThinkPad Active Pen) is not recognized.
  • Camera not working

Stability Problems / Bugs

  • Default appearance of HiDPI is blurry (particularly for firefox, chromium, vscode). One has to export wayland environmental variables and give up global scaling to make it looks beautiful)
  • Sometimes I will get unnecessary and annoying bug reports about sudden closing of windows, while I just typed alt+F4.
  • I have fatal problems going “Qt5 platform plugin cannot be initialiated” when installing mathematica and netease-cloud-music.