JingOS Roadmap for 2021 H1


JingOS supported on Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1?

Is that a statement or a question?

@MrAnonBoi I edited Biagio’s question adding the question mark…

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“JingOS v1.0 will be released shortly after Aug 30, 2021” - must refer to the JingPad ONLY because we are still on v0.9.1 on our x86 devices. Will you ever release a newer version for us or is it time to move on? I understand the JingPad is a priority but you don’t make it clear on the roadmap for the OS itself.

Nokia N1 没有装Linux,求适配。

Indeed, Linux has found some problems under the touch screen. For example, the ability to unlock the lock screen. I’d prefer a strong ecosystem of productivity (not entertainment and communications) for Linux tablets. Because I think it’s not just programmers who need it.

In addition, from some channels to understand that this tablet is now delayed in launch, everyone’s confidence is somewhat inadequate. Why can’t it be released on schedule? If it has been published how do I get it? I think this Linux tablet has received a lot of attention and I hope you don’t live up to your interest and expectations.

To be fair I also don’t think x86 has any future… the x86 Android project stopped a few years ago. And what they are shipping is an Android tablet with some Linux pieces added.

What they shipped to me on the A1 is effectively a customized Android with a SoC vendor non-mainline Android kernel, with some Linux userland pieces. It’s a midrange whitebox Android tablet sold at a big premium, because “Linux”. Some of the simpler Linux pieces work OK like they do if you install just the userland parts Debian on any Android (for free), things like Chromium and Firefox can work (which is good that it can work at all), but without gpu acceleration means they are useless compared to a 6 year old generic Android device. The shipped Linux distro pieces are too old. Firefox is a dozen releases out of date.

I did not see any comment from the vendor about what they will do to improve matters. For example, “we will make a new release in Feb 2022 aimed at providing GPU to Linux apps on A1”… nothing. I think now I read they secured new funding, they need a roadmap for existing customers to get something useful, or they will find they have poisoned the well not just for A1 but for future products too.

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That’s also my impression, i gave the android apps a spin, but stopped being too depressed by the obvious performance gap between android apps and "native " apps, indeed, it very strongly looks like an android tablet with some linux compat:

  • old, to very old software
  • closed source style update of that software the repositories are only updated when another milestone is reached, look at the debacle of the certificates…
  • no multi window
  • no GPU acceleration, my librem 5 vastly out performs the jingtab with vastly inferior hardware
  • system Level tools do not work, try loading a non-english/chinese kbd layout…

So, yeah… atm i am not euphoric about this

Hi all! I jump into this top just say that for portable devices such as tablets, the main domination is the performance-to-power ratio, right? I really do not see a visible future that the x86 chip can be better than (or even catch up) ARM/other RISC-based architecture. So this limited by the hardware not the software.

A table was made with all JingOS features on the JingPad with the date on which the coming features will be available. Hardware acceleration is on the way.
You can find up to date Firefox versions if you search a bit or if you ask on the groups.

Multi window is on the JingPad features table, so it’s on the way

didn’t say that it wasn’t coming, just that actually it isn’t, what i meant by old software is not that i can’t find or recompile newer one, but that this is supposed to be regulated by up to date repositories, which isn’t the case…

even for very simple drop ins as the certificates, to have to download them from the another repository (ubuntu arm build) and install them by hand gave a weird feeling…

again, not impossible, but not as purposed… the point of having package repositories is to be able to do quick fixes and updates… without going to real rolling releases…

and for firefox, yeah, i just vented my depression on the fact that the android firefox runs waaay better and smoother and is newer than the supposed native one…

A table was made with all JingOS features on the JingPad with the date on which the coming features will be available.

Hm, okay… where is that table? There were plenty of emails to customers while waiting for A1 to ship, I did not see that, I look in the “Announcements” section and the FAQ and don’t see it; we are posting on “2021 H1” thread. Could you possibly link to it so I and other customers can know what to expect?


The FAQ and the main page have claims about the x86 build and links to it you probably want to clean up if that’s not happening. Right now the site is still chirpy about it but from this thread it seems dead (I wasn’t interested in that anyway, but it’s just going to cause confusion and people getting upset).

@Zan I think that some people have x86 tablets that are not working ok with windows anymore (if it was ok some day) and they were happy that they will be able to use them again, but now that they are disappointed because the x86 project is on standby

I believe the point is you shouldn’t have to…

You are yourself asking the question on the forum so I think you can search it there

And hardware acceleration is not on this roadmap but it was confirmed to be soon available by the admins on the telegram channel

I have asked, but haven’t gotten a legitimate response as to why packages aren’t getting uploaded to the repositories as they get patched instead of us waiting for a “major” update. You know, like all the other Linux projects.

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yeah this is a problem for sure but you have solutions

This is exactly my case. Not a big deal for me as I have other Android tablets but I like to experiment lol. I’ve got an old (premium Lenovo Windows tablet in it’s day) with a beautiful screen and was hoping to try a much lighter OS on it. Windows 10 will run on it but Windows is getting so bloated.