JingOS v0.9 Release Notes

JingOS v0.9 for x86 - 05.31.2021

This May was a busy month for the JingOS & JingPad team. We just released a hands-on video of the JingPad A1 WiFi the past weekend, and today we are releasing the JingOS v0.9 for x86 devices today!

Our team has been working non-stop, and we have met almost every milestone we promised to the community!

The JingOS v0.9 for x86 is a huge update compared to the v0.8 we released this March! We hope the community will love this update!



Installation Tutorial


JingOS v0.9 updates :

  1. Adaptive layouts: JingOS can now run perfectly on different resolution devices with adaptive layouts. Users can adjust resolutions in the Settings app.
  2. Preview version of Sogou Input Method with virtual keyboard support
  3. Wallpaper settings
  4. Complex password settings: support character+number+symbol mixed password
  5. Gaussian blur effect of Notification Center and Control Panel
  6. The superposition and fusion mode of status bar and window, and solved the problem of status bar flashing when switching between apps
  7. The Files app adds support for compression and decompression (support zip, tar, 7zip, AR), also support tag, collection, sorting, OTG, etc.
  8. Charging process will show on the lock screen
  9. System pop-up frame for Volume and Brightness adjustment
  10. Multi-languages support, including Chinese and English
  11. More system settings (VPN, time zone, Bluetooth, mouse, keyboard, etc.)
  12. Improved mouse click accuracy
  13. Add shortcuts for mouse:
  • Move mouse to the upper left hot corner: call out / hide the Notification Center
  • Move mouse to the upper right hot corner: call out / hide Control Panel
  • Move mouse to the lower left hot corner or double click it : back to Home screen
  • Move mouse to the lower right hot corner: call out / hide task manager
  1. Bug fixes and more (check GitHub for codes:GitHub - JingOS-team/JingOS: JingOS - The World’s First Linux-based OS design for Tablets)

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  1. About Install Process:

If you use a VM to install JingOS, you may find a problem that the install screen out of display window. Its because the vm set default resolution to 480*640, which is even smaller than the minimum resolution required by calamares. Which u need to change the resolution settings in System Settings to a larger one to fix this.

  1. Cache problems may lead to some applications cannot be opened after the OTA upgrade. Please execute the following command to solve the problem:
rm -rf ~/.cache/
  1. If the error “file has unexpected size” appears during the OTA process, it may be caused by the cache problem of your network operator. Please follow the steps below to fix it:
  • Step one: Modify the file “/ etc/apt/sources.list.d/jingos.list” as follows

deb [by-hash=yes] http://archive-mirrors.jingos.com/jingos ./

deb [by-hash=yes] http://archive-mirrors.jingos.com/apps ./

deb [by-hash=yes] http://archive-mirrors.jingos.com/kde/unstable focal main

deb-src [by-hash=yes] http://archive-mirrors.jingos.com/kde/unstable focal main

  • Step two: Command line input sudo apt-get clean
  • Step three: Command line input sudo apt-get update
  • Step four: Re perform the upgrade operation by setting the applications or command line input sudo apt full-upgrade
  1. If you upgrade from v0.8 to v0.9 via OTA, the icons and fonts may become smaller, but you can adjust the scale in the system settings manually. Reboot to take effect.

  1. Considering the display effect of different devices, it is recommended to modify the resolution to 1280 * 1024 in Live CD mode, you can modify it after the installation.

  1. Users who upgrade to version v0.9 through OTA need to set Sogou input method as the default input method:
  • Step one: type these commands below into the Terminal app to open the configuration window
cd ~/.config/fcitx/

  • Step two, click the + button on the corner of the window

  • Step three, check ‘Show current launguge’

  • Step four, select ‘sogouimebs’ and click OK

  • Step five, click the ^ button to move Sogou input to the first

  • Step six,If you don’t need Sogou input, you can click “-” to unload it. The virtual keyboard is also not available

Devices has been officially tested :

  • Surface Pro 6
  • Huawei MateBook 14
  • eve V
  • Virtual machines on Windows 10

JingOS v0.9 for x86 can only be installed on x86 devices. If some functions of your device cannot be used after the system is installed, you need to find the relevant Linux driver and install it manually.

  • PIN Code:123456

Download link: Download JingOS V0.9 for x86

Install ation guide (based on JingOS v0.8) :

i don’t really get it? if you sing up for the early bird program, you get the tab in august? or do you just get a discount?