JingPad A1 ARM Linux Tablet Video Collection - 预览视频

Hi everyone,
in this topic we will share all promotional videos about JingPad A1.

Crowdfunding campaign - Promotional English video

Crowdfunding campaign - Promotional Chinese video


First JingPad A1 Sample Device Hands On Video

JingPad Keyboard demo from the factory (It’s NOT the final product!)

JingOS ARM Terminal Demo on JingPad A1

First Android app demo on JingOS ARM

Introducing JingPad A1 Linux Tablet

JingPad A1 demo: VS Code, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Terminal, and Android apps

JingPad A1 Tablet Mode running GIMP, LibreOffice, Chromium, Firefox…

JingPad running VS Code and Terminal

Linux Tablet JingPad A1- Sample Review (via Bluetooth Keyboard)


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JingPad Design Observations

The rear camera and flash light protrudes above the back surface of the JingPad as shown in the video.

This will cause the tablet to: (1) rock diagonally and (2) scratch the camera and flash light lenses when placed on a flat surface, especially if it moves while using it or slides when picking up.

The rear camera and flash light lenses should be slightly recess below (not protrudes above) the back surface level.

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Thank you for your support!

I agrees with Klowe. Would be nice to be able to place the table on a flat surface for drawing activities.

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Thank you for your support

It’s only in today s video ( Hardware update: First JingPad A1 Hardware Hands On Video - YouTube ) that it was clear to me that the JingOS logo is a small fish in a big fish :wink:
… maybe add a small eye to the big fish to make it clear to everybody :wink:


Added Terminal demo video! :star_struck:

In regards to the terminal application, With your main audience being Linux users, is there an advanced keyboard option? Just to make using vim, screen etc easier to use. Admittedly a tablet isn’t the best use case for those applications but it would make it feel more at home.

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This link selling jingpad A1 with incredibly cheap price that is too good to be true. Can anyone verify it?

This is a fake link. JingPad A1 is only sold here at the moment: JingPad: World’s First Consumer-Level Linux Tablet | Indiegogo

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#Another URL which falsely claims to sell JingPads#

Thanks for the notification.

My question is : “Will I get the same product with cheapest price from other merchant?”

No. They are all fake. At the moment JingPad A1 is only available on the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign: JingPad: World’s First Consumer-Level Linux Tablet | Indiegogo