JingPad A1 - Power supply adapter for UK

I assume I will have to get an adapter or a USB charger for the tablet?

What am I looking for? Would this work?


Hi @xircon
I suggest to buy a simple plug converter, search “eu to uk plug adapter” online, like the following one:

It’s cheaper and you will use the original JingPad A1 charger…
Do you agree?

Agreed :smiley: :smiley:

Actually there is not much in it (price), if the one I linked to works, it would replace my phone charger and ebook charger with one unit. Price difference is around £5.

So will it work? @Maxximo88

It’s quite painful to get an incompatible PSU plug shipped, normal consumers will not tolerate it at all. If you will make more aimed at mass market, you should prioritize shipping localized PSUs.