JingPad A1 - Screen ghosting issue

The screen “ghosts” an image of anything with high contrast. This is especially noticeable when playing Solitaire and the card move from one slot to another with the screen on a lower brightness.

Is this an issue with my unit or with the screen in general?

Hi @drgnomage
do you have some photos about it?

Kind of hard to see in the photo but there is the after images of all the cards when I open terminal.

@Maxximo88, have you seen any issues like this with yours or other units?

We have tested it but we can’t make the situation reappear. Please restart your device and try again

Hi @August, this happens constantly, I’ve rebooted several times since 10 days ago.

Can you send us the screenshot? It may help us to see whether it is a software or a hardware issue

It’s post 3 of this.

Screenshot instead of a photo

Ah yes, my apologies.

It appears to be a hardware issue.

Any progress on this?

Does it still appear after the latest update? If so, please write us an email addressing service@jingos.com with the issue. I need to forward that to my colleagues.

It is indeed, I’ll send the email.

I have the same issue with my unite

Hi Mi,

JingLing kindly sent me a replacement unit but it has the same issue so I’m thinking it’s a screen defect.

Are you using the Jingpad with dark mode enabled and low backlight set?


I’m using it with dark mode and low brightness and with higher brightness it’s even worse.

I sent a message to jingling yesterday but we are on weekend so they also deserve a break.

But since I ordered two jingpad and my friend’s one doesn’t have this issue it’s maybe just on specific units.

But did you had to send your old unite back ? And was the shipping fees at your charge ?

Sorry for the delay, forgot about this!

Interesting, mine gets better with higher brightness.

I attempted to send my unit back but it was a pain to do as I wasn’t sure which lines of the address they gave me were meant to go into which fields for the address and the logistics companies were being weird about sending packages of a certain size or weight. So they just sent me a replacement unit, which had the exact same issue.

Well they said that they will send me one in the week… but it was 2 weeks ago and I can’t get any news from the support…

Let’s hope that if I eventually got a new one it won’t have this issue.

And yeah it’s better on high brightness. it dissapeare faster

Any update on getting a replacement?

Still no answer… I’ve sent another mail on thursday…

I don’t know if they still alive… but yeah they told me in the last mail that they were sending it to me but still at the end of the week ( a almost 3 weeks ago…) nothing

Mail content :

14 mars 2022
À e*********@protonmail.ch
Will be shipped this week. The covid situation in Shenzhen now makes the progress slow.
Kind Regards
JingOS Team