Jingpad A2 feedback

The iPad Pro has great hardware, but bad software that is optimized for a tablet. Android is optimized for a phone. Even iOS was optimized for a phone. Windows is optimized for a desktop. Windows 8 is outdated. JingOS solves those problems.


  1. Add LiDAR, which allows for 3D scanning which is a very innovative technology. The iPad and pro iPhones is the ONLY device that has that innovation.
  2. Add Thunderbolt 4 port because that’s the only 1 port available.
  3. Add Face or Touch unlock to the hardware
  4. Unlock the Bootloader my default or just don’t format the data when unlocking Bootloader.
  5. Add the Headphone Jack for audiophiles (some non-audio gear uses the jack)
  6. Add an Infared port. Infared allows you to transfer files between devices, but the main reason is for TV remotes. Like you can program a remote or download a remote to your tablet and control it.
  7. Continue innovating on your software, I support you for making a good tablet operating System other than the locked down iPadOS, and take inspiration from some concepts.
  1. Add a BIOS to disable the camera and microphone for the privacy conscious.

@iPadOSisPoopoo or maybe a physical button to disable them?

Physical button is too much buttons.