Jingpad failure

Since the control character terminal bug prevent me from using my expensive JingPad for my primary use case, shell scripting, I thought that at least I could install Zotero to help manage the various links I collect.

Spent the better part of the day on the task but—failed.

  1. I couldn’t get copy-and-paste to work in the terminal. Various paths required by the install are quite long, so that’s a big-time hassle.
  2. Couldn’t edit the command line in the terminal. Only thing that works for me was deleting all the way back to my typo and retyping most of what I’d just deleted with likelihood of new typos
  3. Zotero install instructions aren’t the clearest you’d hope for, so after much struggle, thought I’d try to install with snap. Not. Not available for ARM.
  4. Then I read that Jing Tech has cut the price of the JingPad considerably and is laying off employees.

So, the stiff cover on the JingPad makes it uncomfortable to use at leisure of my easy chair, the terminal program is so buggy it’s all but useless, and it’s questionable whether there are software fixes or support in the future.

Anyone else in fear of a totally wasted investment? Any thoughts on what, if anything, we can do?

Best wishes,


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Personally, I’m hoping the hardware gets more support from other projects that deliver desktop environments like Ubuntu Touch, Phosh and Gnome so that these software issues get bypassed. I don’t see any reason why this hardware can’t have something like Manjaro installed with the custom kernel provided and whatever software you like installed. It would have been good if Jingling had made efforts to get the drivers and firmware open sourced or made open source replacements so we could run a newer kernel.

As much as I wish it were so, hope will not debug Jing a1 software. But access to the source code would be a good start.

Anyone know how we can get access to the terminal app?

Best wishes,