Jingpad for sale

Hey guys.

Well I’ve decided I’m selling my JingPad. I figured I’d let the forum know incase anyone here wants to buy one and because its sort of a niche item. Nothings wrong with it, everything works perfectly, I am just having financial problems at the moment. Here is a link below.

Any questions or interest please let me know!!


@marcus759 I find it fascinating that you managed to sell it for almost the full original value of the device on Indiegogo. I’m kind of impressed actually.

Well It was $900 when I bought it with the keyboard, and sold it for $550

I got an early bird sale on it via Indiegogo so I paid $650 for both. Hence my reaction. :slight_smile:

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Oh wow, I actually had no idea it went for that back then!! That was a pretty good deal considering. I guess I did alright on the sale. Hope you’re still enjoying your JingPad!!