JingPad Keyboard with Touchpad - Specs preview

Hi everybody,
many of you joined the Super Early Birds Program (see here), so thanks all.

Here you can see the preview of JingPad Keyboard with Touchpad specs:
Category: Pogo PIN Keyboard
Size: 244.5 mmm x 188.6 mm x 18 mm (96,2598" x 74,2519" x 0,7086")
Weight: 650g ±50g (22,9281 oz ± 1,7637 oz)
Touchpad Features:

  • Single Click: the left-mouse is equivalent to clicking and double clicking
  • Single Swipe: control cursor movement
  • Single Drag: is equivalent to click and move the left-mouse
  • Double Fingers click: the menu key is equivalent to click the right-mouse
  • Double Fingers scroll: is equivalent to mouse roller
  • Double Fingers pinch: the screen zooms equivalent to holding down the “CTRL” key and scroll the mouse roller
  • Three fingers side up: displays the task manager equivalent to pressing “CTRL+F8” or “Meta+ESC”

You can contribute and suggest new gestures in the following topic:


Thanks all!

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