JingPad Pencil - Specs preview

Hi everybody,
many of you joined the Super Early Birds Program (see here), so thanks all.

JingPad Pencil

Here you can see the preview of JingPad Pencil specs:
Size: 150 mm x 9 mm (5,90551″ x 0,354331″)
Pressure level: 4096
Touchscreen Type: Active capacitive Pen
Battery: 180 mAh (Continue Use > 360 hours)
Communication interface: MPP 2.0 (less delays, smoother transition and enhanced response time)
Buttons: 1 Side Button (Box selection) + 1 Tail Button (Erase action)
Charge Interface: USB Type-C Female Port
Charging time: 2 Hours (100 mA current)

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