[JingTalk Special] Feedback of JingPad A1

It has been a very exciting and anxious month for Jingling Tech. I believe a lot of you have received your JingPad A1. For now, JingOS is at this beta stage, and we are literally craving your feedback.

Here are some known issues for you guys to vote on which one should be solved first.

  • Charging problem
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Android Support
  • App Store: Add more and up-to-date apps
  • Localisation

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Of course, due to the fact that our team are majorly Chinese speakers, we would like to hear more about your troubles. If you find any trouble using JingPad A1, please reply to this thread! Thank you for your constant support!


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Hi !
I wanted to report a small bug in the settings app, battery section. The estimated times until fully charged or discharged only update when a point is gained or lost…

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Hi, @pierreantoine-cheron
please use the JingPad Support telegram group, there is a pinned message with the link to the issue form.
You can click on it and send the issue directly to Devs!!

@Maxximo88 August send me here and the pinned link from JingPad telegram channel too…

SIM Card doesn’t work.

The internw connection doesn’t work with the sim card. It detects fine the sim, ask for the pin, but I can’t connect in any band (3g, 4g, 5g). provider Vodafone Spain

Solved. Launching: gnome-control-center, I can reactivate network connection. It seems that JingOs v1.1.0 has a bug: when restart, the network it’s not connected.