[JingTalk Special] The Next Gen of Jing

My Wishlist (Hardware Specs)->

  1. Headphone Jack
  2. 120 Hz display
  3. Two speakers with one on each side
  4. More Powerful SOC
  5. Wired HDMI OUT (dependent on 4)
  6. PageUp, PageDown, Home, End buttons on keyboard
  7. Improved JingPencil (standard generational improvements)
  8. Add magnetic sensor to wake up display when the magnetic cover opens (like Samsung Galaxy Tab S Series or iPad Series):


  1. Folders
  2. Multitasking (Splitscreen)
  3. Firewall (not restrict internet access for certain apps…like netguard on android)
  4. Complete Android app support

JingPad Lite as mentioned above by Maxximo88. But NOT 10 inch, lol. It would be great to have an 8 to 8.5 inch tablet with specs suggested above.

Hi @brookie , I suggested 8 inch display, and not 10!!
I really appreciate 8", eg. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

I should have been clearer with my post haha. I was referring to @AND comment below yours. He suggested that it remain at 10 inches. Sorry about the confusion. Tablets seem to be making a comeback lately and someday it would be nice to see a Linux based 8 inch tab. I agree with your post totally. Anyway have a good evening.

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