Language and keyboard layout settings

Hey everyone,

I just checked out JingOS on my Surface Go. Everything seems to work fine so far (except for the WiFi, but I had in in all distros I tried, so no worries). But there are still 2 huge, major problems for me:

I’m used to the DVORAK keyboard, and while it was a huge hurdle to get away from this awkward chinese keyboard which I was only able to disable through the fcitx-configtool which also allowed me to enable the DVORAK layout it only works in X applications (like Chromium) but not in wayland applications (like Konsole). How is it possible to use the layout throughout the entire system?

2nd problem for me: the language. Many console applications still use Chinese locale although I only have english and german enabled through the locale-gen util of Linux. The biggest problem are definitly applications like the mentioned fcitx-configtool where the whole application is only available in Chinese which locks out a big amount of people from using JingOS. Which, in my opinion, is very sad as JingOS is quite awesome otherwise. The look and feel so far is super smooth and it really makes fun to use it on a tablet-ish device (like the Surface).

Update: I found solutions for both of my problems:

Setting the language:

  1. Open the file .config/plasma-localerc in any file editor you like
  2. Update (or add) the key LANGUAGE under [Translations]. There you can add and remove all (linux) normal languages you like.

Setting the keyboard layout:

  1. Open the file /etc/profile
  2. Add the line XKB_DEFAULT_LAYOUT=dvorak in my case this is dvorak but you can use any layout you like, of couse. You could also add the environment variable somewhere else (as long as it is set before KDE/Wayland starts) but for my use case the /etc/profile is fine.

These fixes may not survive an update, keep this in mind.

Also: although the fixes are working, it would be nice to still have a UI for it, or at least to have the original KDE settings UI with their original content and not having it replaced with the JingOS one.