Lenovo X1 Tablet 3rd Gen

Just wondering if anyone out there has experience with JingOS on the Lenovo X1 Tablet 3rd Gen:

It’s an x86 tablet with Intel Graphics. I’m currently running Manjaro Linux KDE edition and just about everything works, with exception of the Fingerprint Reader.

I’ve always desired a “converged” device that gave me a touch optimized display when disconnected from the keyboard/trackpad while a full desktop experience when connected to the keyboard/trackpad (“Desktop” mode).

My preferred DE when in “Desktop” mode is KDE Plasma. I understand JingOS is using Plasma Mobile. Curious as to how the Plasma Mobile Desktop Interface stacks up against full-blown KDE Plasma? And if one wanted to add KDE Plasma to a JingOS install, might that be possible?

Thanks for this effort. I know of no other Distro out there aimed at supporting touch enabled devices like you are trying to accomplish here.

Hi @tech101us ,
in the past I tested Ubuntu 14.04 on a Teclast x86 tablet and touch was reverse working (like in the mirror…).
We are now in 2021 so probably time is mature and drivers are merged in the generic Linux mainline… maybe you can try to dual boot it?
Or maybe just try to boot it in live mode to let we know…