Lenovo X201T

Hello , I tried to use JingOs on my Lenovo X201 tablet.
It is an i7 x86 notebook with touchscreen functionality. It is a bit old but Ubuntu and Q4OS works well.

The X201tablet boot with a JingOs iso on USB key and I can see all the gui…but the touchscreen don’t work well (some part of the screen seems not touchable).

I tried also to install JingOS on the hdd, with the command sudo -E calamares but i can’t continue the installation because some buttons as Next or change seems can’t be selected by the finger or the pen.

…the keyboard Tab key work well, with it I can switch between buttons.

But with the mouse or the Enter Key I can’t “push” those buttons so the next operations don’t go.

I like what I see of the Os, so I hope next version can work on the X201tablet.
Please tell me if I can help you with other tests,


Thank you for your support. We will also study your suggestion carefully

thank you very much!!!

We haven’t adapted the Lenovo X201 tablet. At present, only matebook14 and surface pro6 are officially available

Hello Lushan,
ok, I haven’t understand that!
Please consider me if you want make some test for that PC.
In addition I have some free times, so if I can do some test for you , please tell me.