Lenovo yoga 530-14arr

Hello again from me. I have installed JingOS on my Lenovo Yoga ( AMD Ryzen 5 & Radeon Vega Graphics) but it wont boot.
I see only windows. When i tried to modify with grub2win it says that efi partition is etx4 formatted and will be ignored!
I will appreciate any help! Thanks in advance !
P.S. The disk is GPT if that is important!

Are you able to boot a live session from the usb?

Yes, but i had problem with wifi in live and on hdd, so i uninstalled it.
P.S. But when i have time I will try again, because i want to check this OS for some time!

Hi @Mahalka ,
remember in live session not all kernel modules are properly used…
Sometimes, WiFi and Bluetooth does not work in live mode but works fine in real installed environment.