Microsoft Surface Tablets

I don’t exactly how you are getting devices working. Whether you are starting from scratch with each or pulling drivers from somewhere. But when it comes to the Microsoft Surface tablets and laptops you don’t need to duplicate efforts. There is a project on GitHub ran by a small group of developers who write drivers and firmware for almost all of them. I use their custom kernel on my Surface Pro 7 running Debian 10 and I have almost full functionality. The only thing that doesn’t work are the built in cameras. If you grab those drivers and include them with you’re distro you will be able to add almost all the Surface devices to you’re compatibility list. Just thought you should know.

Yes, we are based on that. So the camera can’t work too.

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我们不会去适配,要靠开源社区了。我们是基于 Supported Devices and Features · linux-surface/linux-surface Wiki · GitHub ,只要这个支持的,我们都可以支持。