Missing icons (WIFI and right hand dropdown panel)

I installed the android packages and now all of the icons have gone:

As you can see, the wifi is connected - no icon and no icons in the drop down. The only thing I did was install the android stuff per the tutorial on here.

Any ideas? If not I will factory reset when charged, because it didn’t shutdown properly and was rather warm in my bag!!

Right, got bored, did the factory reset - left the user data - no change, no icons at all.

Backed up and a full factory reset, this has worked. I am finding:

  • I really do not like ubuntu

  • I am finding JingOS very fragile, it is to easy to break :smiley:

Hi, that do you mean as “I installed the android packages”?
Do you mean Android compatibility layer for JingOS?

Yes, that is what I meant. I screwed up, not used to Ubuntu and accidentally removed plasma-phone-components when I removed fonts-oxygen because emacs failed with them installed.