Next Jing Pad (2) wishlist

For the next Jing Pad, I would suggest:

  1. Keyboard needs PageUp, PageDown, Home, End buttons. They will fit on a 12" tablet with comfortable keys size

  2. LTE card may also fit inside 12" tablet. Surfaces, Dell 7275 / 7285 (all on Intel) are an example of how tablet guts may contain LTE, SSD, WIFI+BLUETOOTH cards inside; please keep TF slot :+1:

  3. Micro-HDMI output please; (I know usb3.0 supports video out)

  4. 12 inches with 2560*1440 (3:2 or 16:9 I don’t care); amoled or LCD no significant difference

  5. ARM with large battery !!! Thank you for your initiative, Whale & small fish !! :+1:

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My Wishlist (Hardware Specs)->

  1. Headphone Jack
  2. 120 Hz display
  3. More Powerful SOC
  4. Wired HDMI OUT (dependent on 3)
  5. PageUp, PageDown, Home, End buttons on keyboard
  6. Improved JingPencil (standard generational improvements)
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It actually does have a simcard slot, but it doesn’t have international network frequencies

Hi all.
Please refer to the following topic to suggest your idea:


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