Preview of JingOS-x86 v0.8, will be released by March 31

Hi there,

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you!

We are very sorry to notice you that we will delay the release of JingOS 0.7. We will directly release version 0.8 on March 31 and it is a more complete version. In a future version, users will be allowed to upgrade via OTA.

Version 0.8 will be a complete full-featured version of Linux, The new features of v0.8:

  1. Settings: Settings app redesigned, support Wifi auto-detect and configuration
  2. Files: Files app redesigned
  3. Task Manager: UX optimized
  4. Support app rearrangement on desktop and dock
  5. Other features and Bug fixes
  6. App Store
  7. OTA system upgrade

Any suggestions or questions, pls comment below and we will reply asap.

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Pre- installed Wine witk gecko and mono wine please

Not this time, sorry for that.

Encryption for the drive and or files…

Able to transfer files via network.


Hello I would like to give you guys feedback on your file explorer. I created a theme for a website, and with it you have files that are miniature sized versions of them, is it possible to make jingOS files like the theme? Thanks!

Is there an App Store? I’m just a user, not one to spend time in the terminal. If I had to use Powershell to install everything in Windows, I’d get a Mac. I like the idea of Linux and believe mobile is the future. JingOS looks really really cool, but… are there apps? I use StaffPad on my iPad. It’s lightyears ahead of Notion which is lightyears ahead of Dorico (for composing, but Dorico is good for page formatting)… and all of those are lightyears ahead of Musescore for both user types. I know Musescore is on Linux. But when better music apps come to Linux, and I can “1-tap-install” them on JingOS, then I’ll try it out! =)

Hello, just one question, this update v07 will be possible to be installed as an update of v06 released end January ?

Los repositorios estan muy pobres, sería interesante integrar wine ya que muchos migran de windows, y por último mejor integración y adaptación de los softwares para edición de música y video. Otra cosa no menos importante, posbilidad de instalción en PC sin pantalla tactil por favor.

No. v0.7 can’t be installed as an update on v0.6… Sorry about that.

The JingOS app store will be ready by v0.8 on Apr.

v0.7版本有没有中文输入法,及触摸键盘,surface pro 系列有没有 集成触摸驱动,期待新版本提前放出!


Im having a problem in Jingos When i try to install it in a virtual machine it stucks in system install logo please fix it.



Será posible instalar el paquete de office y el paquete de adobe??

This system is based on Linux, so maybe Adobe is unavailable. GIMP and Krita, even Pixlr as PS, Kdenlive as Pr may works.
If you want an Office suite, WPS Office or Libreoffice on Linux, MS Office on Android may meet your need. WPS for Linux can perfectly accomplish your work–with all fonts installed, like Calibri.
Running Android apps maybe easier than running Windows apps for JingOS.