[Proposal] Pre-installed applications -> Let the user decide

Hello everybody!

first of all excuse me in case I missed a disscussion or any information about this topic.

I just wanted to ask the community how do you think about pre-installed applications in Jing OS??

My personal point of view is: Let the user decide!
I just don’t like it at all when you install an clean OS and you are bombarded with all the applications. To name a few Samsung, Huawai basically every company or OS is doing it.

So I would like to go for only the native Jing OS apps:

  1. Files, Photos, Camera, Clock, Calendar, Media Player, Voice Memos, Calculator. Thats it!

  2. Any Browser, Graphic tools, Text Editors (besides standard text editor .txt) the user should decide.

  3. For sure in the JingOS Store: Browsers, Text Editors, etc. should be available but not installed by default.

Let me know about your thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much!
Enjoy your day!

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I agree, have an app store or software manager on first install and then consumer can hand pick which they want to use. What really annoys me is default apps/software that you cannot uninstall.

I second this. But probably they may be receiving some money for preinstalling say wps office.
As long as its uninstallable I’m fine with it