Report your working and non-working Android Apps

I will set the ball rolling.


  • Discord - I installed the beta.
  • BBC News
  • OSM

Not Working:

  • BBC Weather
  • BBC iPlayer
  • BBC Sounds

I did a factory reset and switched to Waydroid for now, so this is from memory:


  • Vivaldi - a bit crashy, but otherwise works
  • Qobuz - works, no audio

Not working:

  • iA Writer - loads, but can’t open files (wants Google services)

I can recommend installing the following apps:

Chrome → or Chromium although that crashes from time to time, since youre not trackable as you are running virtual it is perhaps not so bad as long as you turn off all tracking stuff inside settings and install untracking addons

APUS browser → works and is much faster than chromium

MyDrawer → A fully working simple app drawer, no glitches like with a launcher

Gboard → A swipe enabled keyboard for when you dont have a keyboard attached

Aurorastore → Contains some apps, not a lot so its a hit and miss, you can always download using APUS browser

Spark email → Email application that runs all email services from google, hotmail to all others, works perfect

N.B. To go back in some screens with no back button (popup screens) connect a keyboard and press windows_key + backspace (or command + backspace for apple kb).


Aurorastore → Contains some apps, not a lot so its a hit and miss, you can always download using APUS browser

To see more apps, you have to spoof a different device, logout and log back into the anonymous account.

If you are using the JingPad, you would open the aurora app menu by clicking it’s top left icon, it will slide out and you can pick ‘Spoof Manager’ and scroll through the list and near the bottom is sirius Xiaomi API 27, after selecting it, it will tell you to relogin. Go back to the same menu and there is an ‘Accounts’ and logout and then login via anonymous.

Sometimes what happens as well is that loading app listings will not work, you will see the spinning circle(s), re-logging in can sometimes fix that.

Another thing also, I’ve noticed the new JingOS ARM 1.1.1 seems to have broken a lot of Android pre-alpha. I’m not sure why. I might try Waydroid. I just noticed android support is now integrated and installed via apt

I updated experience with JingOS ARM 1.1.1 and Android App Support v0.7

Audio doesn’t work with any app that I am aware of.
Some apps, there is no back button that I am aware of and can get stuck on screens.


  • F-Droid
  • Aurora Store
  • Zim Launcher - corrupted background but works
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Pudding Monsters
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser
  • Firefox - small stutters when scrolling
  • Samsung Browser
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
  • Simple Notes
  • Simple Clock - alarm clocks won’t work, but stop watch works


  • Chrome Browser - does not open
  • Brave Browser - does not open
  • VLC - doesn’t playback video
  • Cut The Rope - closes on start
  • Cut The Rope 2 - closes on start
  • Where’s My Water 2 - closes on start
  • Majesty: Northern Kingdom - closes on start
  • Simple File Manager - does not open
  • Simple Gallery - does not open

Super+backspace (Jing key) as mentioned by @rvmn works so far for me.

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Working (Office Mobile package) (MS Word) (Windows 7 simulator)

Working but flakey
MS Edge

No Go
bluebird mail
Amazon Shopping (Says the version of android is too old)
Amazon Video (same)
Lastpass App
DigiBites Calendar (same reports version of Android is too old)



  • Firefox
  • Amaze file manager (open-source, very good app)
  • termux (terminal emulator)
  • Shattered Pixel Dungon, a game with a desktop java version but very stuttery, runs perfect as android app
  • Minecraft (it does not work if not installed from the playstore)
  • Dashlane password manager (but autofill in other apps doesn’t seem to work)

All the non-working apps I tested were already in other reply.
Netflix & Prime video won’t work until DRM will be embeded in the android system

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