Repository not accessible

I’m just trying JingOS. My problem is, that the configured repository is not accessible. When trying to reverse-resolve I get NXDOMAIN. NMAP does not find any open ports on this IP.

Please help with providing an alternate apt-url for this repository. In the IOS/installler it should get changed to a propper setting. too.

It’s not yet available, wait for v0.8.

I get a bunch of messages at the bottom of the app store when launching 0.8 that the repositories are not available. one of the messages includes a 404 error.

and most categories do not show content, opera will not install and 4 of my programs that indicate there are upgrades will not upgrade.

Sorry the App Store is just in internal test. The reason why we make a App Store is we only want to put the best apps that fit the HD tablet into, and for the other apps , people can use other App Store or install them from terminal. I think more apps will upload after our 1.0 version released.