[Roadmap] Dec-Jan Major Events for JingOS Team

In the coming months, we will focus our effort on the events below.

  1. Continue to improve the quality of our open-source project and community
  2. Bring more feature improvements such as screen rotation and fingerprint unlocking.

We have postponed the development of the x86 version. If you wish to try JingOS on other devices except for JingPad A1, you can run JingOS x86 v0.9 on a virtual machine. We will not provide any bug fixing or other maintenance.

Those of us here that are using x86 devices and not JingPad appreciate the announcement finally that you will postpone development. I will revert back to a Ubuntu distribution as your 0.9 version just has too many shortfalls. In the future maybe you could consider some sort of license fee for an x86 version as we realize that somewhere monetization must be a part of the deal. The JingOS team cannot work for free. I recognize that, at least, and personally, I would pay to install a good working version as long as the fee is reasonable.

I was initially very excited to see this OS and it is beautifully done but cannot be used day to day. Anyway, good luck in your JingPad venture and if you had an 8 inch version I may have been interested. I’ll check back in a year or so. :smiley:

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Thanks for the Timeline. Can i ask for the full GPU Support and Miracast Support?