Safe Graphics: Stuck in "No caching mode page found" loop [v0.6 + v0.8]

Hi there, I have not been able to boot JingOS (v0.6 + v0.8) in ‘Safe Graphics’ mode. I have tried using a Surface Book (original) and a HP-608-G1 tablet. The Surface Book boots normal JingOS fine.

In Safe Graphics mode JingOS gets stuck in a loop of saying “no caching mode page found - assuming drive cache write through”.

I can boot normal JingOS on both devices, but on the HP-608-G1 tablet the graphics are messed up, which is why I’m trying the Safe Graphics mode.

That’s why we are focusing on JingPad A1 now. There are too many X86 devices and it’s too hard to fit each one and make the experience good. :joy: