[Survey] Which device you want to run JingOS? [调研]哪款设备你希望我们适配?

AllDoCube Mix Plus. In fact, I already runs JingOS v0.8 on it. Findings:

  • Touchscreen is a little off due to odd default resolution of 2052x1368, changing it to 1920x1080 fixes it
  • Still related to above, the default 100% scaling is too big, I found 75% to be the sweet spot
  • Great battery life, possibly due to lighter Plasma mobile base
  • Needs “update all” button in Store for SoftWare update (it should be lowercase w in Software as it’s one word)
  • Terminal is still the king (pkcon refresh && pkcon update, anyone?)
  • LMMS, Opera and VLC are put into Developer Tools category in Store? I guess Store is kinda Alpha/Beta quality at the moment, eh?
  • Gestures are working just like in recent Android
  • Can’t fully live without keyboard yet, as the popup onscreen keyboard is… nowhere to be found?
  • Camera app says “internal data stream error”
  • I’ve managed to crash the UI by changing Compositor’s Rendering backend to OpenGL 3.1, however after a reboot it stays still working like before, probably only the live changes aren’t handled well

That’s all for now, looking forward to v1.0 and JingPad, if that device is proven to be quite valueable

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I think Huawei media pad t3 10.

Hp spectre x360, would be an awesome “high end notebook” with jingos, llready a perfect match with Ubuntu, but lacks some touch functionalities! Cheers

The device I expect to be compatible is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 GT-N5110, as it is currently obsolete and is the only Tablet I have.

Thank you for your suggestions all.

Please consider also to add compatibility with Teclast tablets!!


请求适配 Surface Pro 1,让众多老机器复活

Chuwi Hi10 驰为Hi10


如果有适配ARM架构的打算,最希望是华为MatePad Pro和三星的tab s7平板。这两款设备尺寸是最适合办公和便携的,设备素质也非常高,比官方A1选择的虎贲处理器好太多了。可以配置键盘和笔,也非常能提现生产力优势。

Samsung galaxy tab 2 GT-P3100 please !!!

我已经为chuwi minibook尝试过

GPD Pocket! A small laptop with touch screen, perfect for JingOS.
Fully compatible with ubuntu and officially supported by ubuntu mate.

Thank you for your suggestion!

The Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro 2021, because it’s cheaper than JingPad A1, the tablet is yet designed, it has better CPU, better display and it’s 5G.
I think it’s much easier to get a deal with Lenovo than develop a completely new 5G tablet.

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Hi, interesting device!
I fund an interesting article about it here.


希望适配yoga duet 2021,安装0.9版本时,U盘引导后无法进入系统,似乎是由于驱动问题,之前安装FydeOS也一样不能进入系统,可能由于新的i5-1135G7不被支持,希望能够加入相关支持。另外,安装最新manjaro可以正常运行,除了摄像头无法驱动。

Hi @fares ,
please open a topic on 3th Party x86 Devices section (here).

The key question is how easy is to unlock the bootloader. If it’s feasible this new Lenovo tablet (XiaoXin Pad Pro 2021) would be a good choice.

In Arm CPUs tablet with o.s Android the bootloader are generally locked, as you know. So the installation of JingOS depends on the simplicity of unlocking the bootloader.

@Jose it’s a x86 tablet, so no issue about unlocking…