Testing JingOS on MS Surface Go 2

Hi there,
so i tryed Jingos on my Surface Go 2, it runs rly smooth, typecover is working, BT is working, touch is working, only the wifi is not runnig.
EDIT: WIFI is working too, but need to configure manually, but seems to work fine.
Ah forgot the pen is working too. :smiley:

Greetings Arngrim

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Hey, that’s great! Have you found anything that’s not working?

How is the rear (not selfie) camera? I haven’t seen the app for camera use, I’m curious about how that works.

Thank you very much for your support

Seems it’s not working both of them. Since they used the surface-Linux kernel.

Oh, that’s too bad. Maybe there will be a solution later. Thanks for responding to my question.

Sorry, can you please clarify? Neither camera is working? Thanks!

how fix it?