We're hiring!

We’re looking for someone to join our team and help to build the JingOS community, manage our Discord/Telegram/Reddit/etc, talk to developers and users every day!
Job title: Community VP/Director/Manager
Location: Beijing
Language: English
Job type: Full-time
Bio needs: Computer science, open-source community experience

Anyone who interested in this, pls email your cv to hr-administration@jingos.com. Looking forward to your joining! 加入我们 - JingOS


I can be your Beta Tester :smiley:

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How do I buy this device?
I am downloading the image of the OS!

I can be a beta tester. If you like to.

Ok People Of JingOS, We Demand You Create an OS to Bring Old iPads Back to Life!
Not an App or Overlay that gives you the look and feel of Linux!

We Want a Site, that is as easy as connecting your iPad to Your Laptop!
Then a Function that Completely and Totally Deletes Apple OS Reformats the Drive and Installs
a Stand Alone Touch Screen Linux OS all by just connecting a cable and pushing start at your website.

Meet or Beat Our Demands Or Else, You Have 30 Days to Respond. :slight_smile:
Ok But Seriously, The Company that can accomplish this simple task will become world famous.

There are millions of old dead iPads out there rotting in a box in the closet that could be brought back to life.

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Key Words:
Delete Apple OS
Replace With Linux
“Stand Alone”
“Easy Install”
“Touch Screen Linux Specifically Designed For Old iPads.”
Do This Simple Task and Become World Famous.

Oh and as always I need no money for this free idea, but you owe me!
And when I show up, you can not refuse me, its a blood oath.
I just made you rich and famous.

If you are looking someday for a german section, please point me….will support you and the hole project on german :wink:

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We are definitely waiting. Please join in our telegram group!