Where are you from?

Why hello there! Nice to meet you, so where are you from?
I’m from the Philippines but currently working in China!

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I’m from Germany!! And super interested in Tech and software!!


I am from Greece! Moreover I’m passionate about linux!


I’m writing from Milan, Italy!


I m from Paris, France !
I hope the Jingpad A1 will be a good replacement for my Flip C101 Chromebook !

Flip C101 is a nice Chromebook made by Asus, but I think JingOS Project could be better! :slight_smile:


I am from Germany, Freelancer for Software development and Windows Server Administration.

I am also from Germany and we should ask for establishing an international Forum inside Jingling Forum for those members who are not so familiar with english or chines language :wink:

I’m from Australia, I’m very excited about JingOS and the JingPad and I’m looking forward to owning one. I’ve been using Linux on my Laptop exclusively for approximately 20 years, I’ve enjoyed the safety and the freedom and it keeps getting better and better. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, thank you.

Nice to see you guys from allover the world!

But will JingOS be mainstream for most of the device? It seems like their putting more resources on x86 device than on those ARM based tabs. Are there any ARM based tabs supported now?