Will the DE be available for other distro?

Will the DE be available for other distros? Like Arch or Debian?

I don’t think so.

is there any reason it couldn’t be added to other distros ? it’s based on plasma mobile isn’t it ? this DE would be fantastic on like pmos or mobian , or even just fedora .

I think it’s possible but not a job of JingOS team.

of course, it would be the responsibility of the package repo maintainers .

If the “JDE” get open sourced, maybe users in this forum can make it available on Arch and so on.

IMHO, I think porting a DE to other distro is an effort that Jingling Tech could avoid at the moment.
I think Jingling Tech must focus on JingOS and DE optimization, cause they have to develop a stable OS for JingPad A1 asap (before the shipment of the first production batch of the crowdfunding campaign).