Wishlist of apps

don’t know it this is useful or not, but here’s the start of a wishlist of apps, feel free to add to it:


category name status
system console-tools totally ignored ATM, has no effect what so ever
system flatpak works, after installing by hand the ca-certificates, but every program installed fails with bwrap: Can’t mount proc on /newroot/proc: Device or resource busy
dev flutter cmd line works, graphics only with sw openGL renderer, means, no
graphics inkscape works, no jingos launcher
game (extreme) tuxracer crashes as soon as openGL is needed
game kobo deluxe crashes as soon as start is hit

I can confirm Flatpak apps cannot run due to that error!!

thought i could edit afterwards this list…

to be added by someone having the right rights:

tint needs a tweak: you have to add the user to /etc/group into games to be able to use the highscore list!